About Us

We Are a Connectivity Company

At MNETPLUS, we connect our customers to superior communications and entertainment products with the highest quality service. From MNETPLUS Internet 400 MBPS and our path to 1Gigabyte, to Advanced Home WiFi and Fiber connectivity, our fast and secure broadband network powers the future.

MNETPLUS Vision and Mission

We are a top rung Internet Service Provider (ISP), best of its kind offering a wide range of services catering to homes as well as corporate segments at competitive prices that offer value for money! We at MNETPLUS aim to provide an enjoyable and enhanced experience targeting 100% satisfaction for internet users by providing superior internet services at extremely affordable rates making our mission statement “Experience the best with More Bandwidth.” This vision encourages us to come up innovative products, packages and solutions that impart better user experience at every stage with every user. Through our Internet leased lines network, we hope to gain our customers’ trust and confidence by delivering uninterrupted internet services through technologically advanced fiber broadband that guarantees maximum speed as never before. We offer customized solutions for More Speed, More Fun, More Entertainment, More Output More Adaptability, More Devices, More Time and lastly which add up to More Value for Money.

Customer Satisfaction

The MNETPLUS serves to satisfy. With 100% customer satisfaction being at the core of our services, our focus purely lies in striving to deliver the nothing but the best to our esteemed clients, be it a household or a business house. We hope to spread our network to far reaching areas without compromising on the quality of service. We advance with times & technology, incorporating the latest developments in the broadband technology in our services to seamlessly blend into the internet space at local, national & global levels.

Services for Businesses, Offices and Corporate

We are sure that most of you have been victims of shock bills with unreasonably high billing amounts for unlimited plans with internet service providers, prompting you to change from one service provider to another. But with MNETPLUS you can be rest assured as all our plans are for Unlimited Usage and are specially designed as ‘No Bill Blows’ so that the bills do not come as shocks for excessive usage than the permissible limits and not burn a hole in the pocket. However, the speed will automatically reduce to 512Kbps if data usage limit (DUL) that you have set for yourself is being crossed.