thirteen. Uri gangaji – “Our very own canine” otherwise “My personal puppy”

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thirteen. Uri gangaji – “Our very own canine” otherwise “My personal puppy”

thirteen. Uri gangaji – “Our very own canine” otherwise “My personal puppy”

Does this keyword sound familiar? You may possibly have read it repeatedly about Gwiyomi Track by the Southern area Korean artist Hari. As you can plainly see by song’s chipper build and you will healthful state of mind, gwiyomi means a lovely person – or even be much more particular, an early girl whom looks adorable and you can simple.

The fresh Gwiyomi Track exploded towards a viral sensation throughout Asia, in which greatest celebrities performed her designs of the tune and you will replicated this new adorable hands actions in the musical video clips.

nine. Yeojachingu – “Girlfriend”

To refer to a female since your girlfriend, say yeojachingu . For many who break down which keyword for the two parts, it is just a mix of yeoja (“woman”) and chingu (“friend”). Effortless, best?

10. Namjachingu – “Boyfriend”

Tune Joong-ki, Kang Ha-neul, Jung Hae-inside, Hyun Container, Park Seo-joon… Disappointed, was we however these are conditions? Proper, okay, therefore! To-name some one your boyfriend, you need to use namjachingu . Much like the past analogy, so it title out-of endearment comprises a few Korean terminology: namja (“man”) and you can chingu (“friend”).

Today all you have to manage try slide into the Kim Soo-hyun ‘s the reason and you can Ji Chang-wook’s DMs. (Just kidding. Please don’t accomplish that.)

eleven. Gonjunim – “Princess”

Any historical K-drama admirers available to choose from? Gonjunim is actually a great Korean term away from endearment meaning “princess.” Sure, it means discussing your girlfriend because if she was basically royalty; which, new honorific suffix nim was set in convey reverence. When used humorously and with a person’s acceptance, this is a perfect answer to eliminate your girl that have respect and let her learn who has got company. (It’s her. This woman is the blogglГ¤nk fresh new manager.)

But just guarantee you that you will not use this studies to target ladies in a scary otherwise patronising means. Nobody requires you to within life!

a dozen. Wangjanim – “Prince”

Following example more than, wangjanim (“prince”) is an expression out of endearment you to definitely some feminine might use in order to match its chill, hurrying, and you can gentlemanly boyfriends. When you look at the a exact feel, this may sound a little out-of-set when applied beyond your perspective off period K-crisis such as for example 100 Months My Prince, but around you really have they.

Normally, boyfriends use it Korean term of endearment whenever handling their girlfriends. It’s an animal name to name your personal person otherwise family member. In fact, it is common to own moms and dads to utilize which keywords to refer on their students as well. Quite adorable, isn’t they?

14. Bepeu – “Best friend”

Not all terms of endearment must be to own lovers otherwise close dating. There are numerous enjoyable and you can sweet Korean conditions you are able to use to handle family and friends, also. T their 2nd you’re maybe not a beneficial Korean name out of endearment per se, however it still offers an equivalent sentiment and intention.

Bepeu is a great Korean slang term therefore the reduced sort of the new Konglish (Korean-design English) terms beseuteu peurendeu otherwise companion. For many who along with your bestie display a familiar notice to possess hallyu or Korean society, after that offer bepeu an attempt.

15. Bu bu – “Married few”

Bu bu results in “couple” or “hitched few.” Lovers don’t extremely use this name regarding endearment to deal with for every single almost every other, however, people will reference another type of pair as a result. T their Korean term are especially utilized for partners in the relationship dating. It’s quite lovable and you can charming, however.

As it happens that individuals are obligated to pay both our sleepless evening and our polyglot goals to help you K-dramas. All joking out, develop your enjoyed this freeze course towards the Korean regards to endearment. In the event that discover any information you’d like us to safety 2nd within Korean language show , let us know.

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